commercially available deck cleaners
  • Make sure your deck surface won't be damaged with sanding. Cedar and redwood are usually good woods for sanding. Make sure you take proper precautions with a face mask and goggles since pressure treated wood can cause health problems. 3.Cleaning the surface is especially important. Some of the better commercially available deck cleaners

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    are Thompson's, Wolman, and ZAR. There are others that may be recommended by your home improvement store. After sanding, there will be tiny particles of dust and sand left behind. You must have a very clean surface to ensure a tight bond between the pain and the wood surface. If it is not properly cleaned, paint will crack and peel. Power washing

    your deck and allowing it to dry out thoroughly for several days is advised. 4.Mold and mildew can be a problem for some decks. If this is an issue, you must take care of the problem during the cleaning and washing process. You can buy commercially prepared products to remove mold and mildew. Oxygenated-bleach cleansers are a good choice. If

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