Use high quality raw material processing
  • If the surface is stained with tea, coffee, juice or other liquid stains, we can take a clean rag and then mix it with 20% hydrogen peroxide to wet the rag. Instead of rushing to remove the stain, we should first cover the white cloth with the stain and then wrap the rag with a plastic bag and tape. It is best to remove the stain as soon as possible after composition material the stain is applied. The shorter the stain is generated, the better the stain removal effect will be. If the surface is stained with cooking oil, then we can sprinkle some corn flour near the grease, then brush it off for a day or so, then we use a brush and hot soapy water or a cloth with ammonia.

    Remove the oil stains. How to maintain the marble floor Although its hardness is high and the texture is firm, we usually avoid the hard decks boards for a boat Sunderland object falling directly on its surface in order to avoid cracking its surface. And we also want to avoid sharp objects from direct contact with it, otherwise it will have an impact on its aesthetics. In daily use, we must ensure that its surface is clean and clean. If it has scratches on its surface, then we need timely repair and maintenance. In order to prevent other substances from entering the gap of the marble floor, it penetrates into its interior. We can apply special maintenance wax on the scratches, and then wipe it on the surface with a soft cloth, which plexi glass decking can be a good repair!

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