Do not worry about deck installation
  • the board.Composite Decking Colors. Types of Composite Boards Composite decking boards are categorized into two types; hollow and solid. The hollow boards are lighter in weight, and have to be handled carefully during the building process. Solid composite boards on the other hand are heavier and stronger, but they have a tendency to contract and

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    expand with the fluctuation in temperature. The solid variety is usually the popular choice because it looks more like wood, and has better strength. Types of Composite Materials Material for composite decking is of three types; non-wood plastics, polypropylene with wood, and polyethylene with wood. In the Plastic Wood Decking containing wood, the

    percentage of wood will differ, ranging from 40 to 70 percent. Many manufacturers now prefer using polypropylene compared to polyethylene, as it has more strength, and has a lesser tendency to contract and expand. Polyvinyl chloride is used in composites having zero wood content. Composite decking reviews suggest that due to availability of better

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