Brazilian hardwoods in the American market
  • The front deck of your house has a big impact on the curb appeal and first impression of those visiting your house. Take your time, do your research, and choose a deck that fits your personality and the character of your home. Wood decking stands the test of time. From Cavemen to Modern-men, we have been using wood as a building material for

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    centuries. It is beautiful and a reminder of our roots. Wood is so primal; it is the accent that we use to show off our most important possessions. Even in the Star Trek universe of the future, the most important areas in the 23rd century were made with wood. Many times Captain Jean-Luc Picard addressed his staff from a wood rimmed conference table.

    Unlike in the 23rd century, you can easily afford exotic hard wood here on Earth. The most dramatic addition you can make to your home is a Trust deck or Brazilian Cherry deck. Trust is one of the newer Brazilian hardwoods in the American market. However, it has been well know in Brazil for centuries. It is prized for its russet red color. Actually,

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