Leak Reveals 'Score Royale' Mode In 'Fortnite'
  • Do you like Fortnite: Battle Royale but are tired of that pesky"last man standing" stipulation that virtually all of the modes appear to have? Well, there may be a new choice that's more up your alley. A new leak reveals a brand new limited time mode may be in the works called"score" Do not worry, it is not Team Deathmatch. Here's the description of the mode found in the files:

    "A brand new spin on making Victory Royale, this mode rewards players that like to explore and hunt for loot. Earn points by opening loot containers, using foraged items and eliminating other players.

    A couple of things of note here: you may nevertheless be removed in this mode, it's only that the triumph condition is not always being the last man standing if you are an expert who seemingly can open a bunch of chests and consume a bunch of apples and jump rocks so as to pad your score.I do wonder if this mode is about"exploration" that it might....not have a storm? That seems kind of goofy up front, but when the objective is to get folks exploring the map and looting instead of simply surviving and getting kills, no storm, or at least a slower storm, might be conducive to that.

    As you simply need to pass a high score, forcing individuals into a little circle to fight doesn't seem all that necessary. Epic is really forcing these foraged items challenging nowadays between introducing apples, mushrooms and jump rocks this year, and making it a struggle this week. I anticipate more to come, given how much they're focusing on these.

    This sounds like a neat idea, something different than the typical survival-based modes that just alter team dimensions (50v50, 20v20) or speed (Blitz) or possess wacky hooks (Thanos). I will say that when this operates like a typical game only you receive points for chests and consumables, I'm guessing the typical players that normally win games will also be winning these, most of the time. It is likely that if you have each chest place memorized on the map, for instance, you're likely not a half bad participant to start with. Even though to be the very first person to cross the score threshold should be an interesting sort of struggle as individuals invent speed/efficiency runs so as to stand up the Maximum point totals possible.

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