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  • security adding in this value to the property: a porch, small or large, can make your house stand out of the others, suggesting an special place according to the main style design. Evaluating a Fence Contract Are you considering hiring a fence contractor to install your fence instead of doing it yourself? If so here's a few things to look for when you are

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    evaluating the written contract or estimate the fence companies give you. To simplify things, contractors may write up an estimate offering a single price, generically described product, one color and no options. Although this is traditional and legitimate, it isn't exactly customer-friendly. So you may want to ask the fence companies for a proposal

    instead. This is more of a tentative agreement that offers a choice of products by name, prices, services and even designs. It will also outline change order conditions and payment schedule/financing options. The fence companies can also price out a variety of product choices here specific to your needs. Ask for product literature and samples, and be weary

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