electroplating and other production products
  • electroplating and other production products that most home furnishing companies do not have. It has long enjoyed villa standard and hardware rolls in the high-end decoration field. Les and other reputations. Further investment in the sand casting production line is a re-emergence of Opper's boutique awareness,

    which guarantees that Opper's original design can be maintained and fully reflected in the production and application process of the product, and the development strategy of Opper's copper overall home. It is of great significance and also marks the official development of Opper in the fields of locks, hardware, lighting,

    switch sockets and other electrical accessories, copper flooring, copper decoration, and copper art ornaments. Copper overall home, is the unshakable road of Opper. There are comments here that the production of the Opper sand casting production line is not only the money, but the persistence of the ideal and the line.

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