Wooden board knowledge
  • With the increasing popularity of wood floors, floors are being laid on the ground and people are stepped on the ground countless times a day, and people rarely can do it with care. At most, it is just a rub. In fact, careful care of the floor can not only keep the floor fresh, but also increase its useful life. So how do we maintain our home wood floors on weekdays? Let's take a look!

    Usually use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and often trample on places to diligently vacuuming. Pay special attention to the hallway and the walkway leading to the outside. In addition, to prevent dust from entering the house, place a dustproof pad at the entry or install a dust-proof strip at the bottom of the door. When using the mop to clean the floor, the mop is wrung out and then the wet and fine mop is used. When the water is used, the water will infiltrate the seams, injuring the floor and causing the floor to warp, especially the wooden floor, the plastic floor and the cork. floor.

    Choose the water-based wax that is suitable for the floor. It is best to use only one kind of wax at a time. If you use different waxes, the mixture will react with each other to make the floor sticky and dirty. Wax is not easy to play too much. If it is coated too thick, dust will adhere to the floor more easily and it will be more difficult to polish the floor.

    To move the furniture, it is recommended to use a lifting method to avoid dragging so as not to scratch the floor. To further protect your floor, a cloth cover or gasket can be added to the bottom of the furniture. It has entered the annual rainy season. The rainy days that have lasted for many days have caused the home to be covered with moisture. The cold and wet weather in the rainy season alternates with the weather so that the air can be screwed out. This is a huge test for the floor. Moisture, mildew, and deformation are the easiest problems for Meiyu wood flooring.

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