Wood floor maintenance tips
  • 1, solid wood floor cleaning: solid wood flooring made of wood directly dried, and its daily use need to pay attention to drying, in the cleaning, try to use a damp cloth or neutral detergent to wipe, need to avoid the water when cleaning Soak in water and contact with alkali water and soapy water.

    2, solid wood composite floor cleaning: parquet due to the nature of the material, its relatively easy to clean, in the daily care as long as the mop mop to avoid drip, to avoid contact with alkaline water and soapy water, solid wood Laminate floors can be waxed every three months to help keep the ground shiny.

    3. Strengthen the cleaning of the floor: The cleaning of the hardwood floor is much simpler than the solid wood floor. Just pay attention to keep the floor dry and avoid flushing with plenty of water. At the same time, when cleaning the floor dirt, do not use sandpaper on the hardwood floor. Polished, this will greatly shorten the life of the floor.

    4, floor cleaning taboo: no matter what the material of the floor, the ground cleaning should pay attention to the use of soft materials, hard bristles will be faster loss of the floor surface of the protective layer, while, wipe the floor can not use alkaline or have some corrosion Sexual cleansers to avoid irreversible effects on the floor.

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