The type of wood discoloration
  • 1, tree species wood floor: There are many kinds of trees that can produce floor, precious are rosewood and teak; general there are eucalyptus, eucalyptus, manchurian ash, gan croton; cheap are fir, pine, etc. The difference is very large. Misleading tree species names on the market are very common. Consumers can check the commonly used wooden flooring business name issued by the China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Committee, or select their favorite tree species, texture, and color. Select the dyeing board, try to select the stable species of wood to avoid scooping, twisting, bending, cracking, arching and ringing during the long-term use of the wood floor.

    2, the size of the election: the current supply of solid wood flooring on the market, size specifications are long and wide, such as 900 mm? 90 mm? 18 mm. In fact, the wooden floor should not be short and should not be narrow. It should be less than 600 mm, 75 mm, and 18 mm. The smaller the size, the stronger the resistance to deformation. If you like the long, you can use the ground plate, up to 4000 mm, like the wide optional integrated floor, up to 220 mm: the width of the floor should have anti-deformation groove, the groove depth should be more than one third of the floor thickness . If used for floor heating floor, should not be thick, generally 8 mm-12 mm.

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