Solid wood flooring purchase knowledge
  • The moisture content is crucial. The moisture content of the purchased floor must be consistent with the local equilibrium moisture content. Buy the floor must determine the moisture content, if the seller does not have moisture meter, do not buy its board. The method of measuring the equilibrium moisture content is very simple. The moisture content of the purchased varieties is first determined in the exhibition hall, and then the moisture content of the wooden floor of the purchased varieties is tested out of the box. If the moisture content of the two varieties is only 1% to 2%, it is a qualified product.

    With 10 floors assembled on the ground, hand touch, seeing the accuracy of its processing, finish is smooth, smooth, rake, slot fit, installation gaps, anti-deformation tanks and other assembly is tight.Check the level of the floor, whether there are bugs such as insect eyes, cracks, decay, blue changes, dead knots, etc. For small living quarters, color difference can not be too demanding, this is a natural property of wood, as for the natural texture of wood, most of the chord section, a small part of the cut surface, if you want to have the same cut, it is more difficult to achieve in solid wood flooring Unless it is a veneer veneer.

    Dripping paint, roller paint floor, commonly known as paint board. Regardless of whether it is a light or matt lacquer floor, the paint film on the surface of the lacquer board should be selected for uniform, full, clean, leak-free paint, bubbling, and perforations. Among them, the need to put forward is the degree of wear, it is recommended to buy UV light-curable paint, the market dealer referred to as UV paint board, its wear resistance, scald and other properties are better than other finishing processes. Burning with a cigarette for 20 seconds does not leave a mark.

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