Joachim Löw is contemplating his future
  • Joachim Löw is contemplating his future After the defending champions went out of the World Cup in the group stage following their 2-0 defeat against South Korea.Löw signed a contract extension to 2022 in May but refused to confirm he would take change of their European Championship campaign. “It is too early for me to answer that question,” he said. “We need a couple of hours to see things clearly. Olympic Hockey Authentic Youth Derek Stepan Nike Team USA Jersey: 2014 Navy Blue #12 Away “The disappointment is deep inside me. I couldn’t imagine we would lose to South Korea. I’m shocked because we didn’t pull it off. It’s premature for me to say something, I’m incredibly disappointed. Where we go from here – we will have to take some time and talk about it calmly.” There have been accusations of arrogance about Germany, notably in Marco Reus’s comment after being left out for the match against Mexico that he was being saved for “important games”. Even Löw’s tactics in that match, piling forward with only Sami Khedira protecting the defence seemed, in retrospect, to have underestimated their opponents.The obsession with attacking, with playing on the front foot, is reflected in the fact Germany have conceded in each of their past eight games, a run going back to November when they drew 0-0 against England. “We had a good training camp,” Löw said. “The team worked well, players were training really well but the two friendly matches, against Austria and Saudi Arabia, were not good. Maybe we thought at the push of a button we could shift gears but we lost against Mexico. If we had taken a point it would have been different.“We couldn’t flip that switch. We were convinced once the tournament started we would be able to play well but it didn’t happen.” It was clearly the Mexico game that rankled, far less than the edgy win against Sweden or the defeat against South Korea Chris Herndon Jersey on Wednesday, when Germany were forced to chase the game.Shin Tae-yong, the South Korea manager, had said his side had only a “1%” chance of winning but he was adamant that had been a psychological ploy to get the best from his side. World Cup Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. “I told my players it was really a last-ditch effort for them,” he said. “Germany are the defending champions, number one in the Fifa ranking so I thought about what mistakes they could make. They probably felt they could beat us. I thought we could use that as a strategy to beat them and it hit the nail on the head. “Since we won we can say that everything went as planned. For two days we looked at their strategies. I told them our opponents would need this win a lot more. I told them when opportunities arose we had to take advantage. I feel great but at the same time I feel a little bit empty.”Cho Hyong-woo, South Korea’s extrovert goalkeeper, said the players had not known until the final whistle that Sweden had beaten Mexico and they were therefore also out. “We all became one playing for the Korean nation,” he said. “We were disappointed and that’s why a lot of us cried.” Despite the defeat, Löw was adamant the future of German football remains bright and there are no “dark times” ahead. “Until quite recently we were probably the most constant in terms of performance in the past 10, 12 years. We were always in the final four for a long period, including the 2014 and 2017 wins in the World Cup and the Confederations Brian Robison Jersey Cup.“This is a case of absolute sadness and disappointment. We have young players who are very talented and still have the potential to go forward. This has happened to other nations before. We just have to draw the right conclusions.”,420394

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