sales of wood flooring
  • Minutes�� last Sunday evening for its sales of wood flooring that exceeded formaldehyde levels produced in Chinese factories, LL is facing investigations by Connecticut Chief Inspector George Jepsen. 'Contact with formaldehyde has a series of negative health effects, especially for children.' Jepsen said that the allegations raised in the report are worrisome. Regardless of whether the company intends to mislabel, cheapest place to get deckingit may face Connecticut consumers facing their composite wood flooring. Overcharged formaldehyde. Jepsen has

    written to LL's president and legal advisor and asked whether LL will stop selling such composite wood flooring and plans to compensate the family who has installed the floor. Currently, Jepsen is investigating whether LL's six sales outlets in Connecticut violated the relevant laws of the state, that is, there are fraudulent and fraudulent behaviors in the sales process. In addition to Connecticut,to buy 6x8 composite boards the Virginia-based company also faced litigation in California and Florida, which accused it of excessive levels of formaldehyde and harmed the

    health of consumers who purchased laminate flooring. On Monday, LL shares continued to fall by 14%, and earnings per share fell to its lowest level in 52 weeks to $27.82. On March 2nd, LL responded in a statement that ��60 Minutes�� used inappropriate detection methods and stated that it would continue to provide consumers with the most quality and cheap products. decorative building moulds or moldsUp to now, LL still insists that the products it sells have no problems in terms of safety and quality, and the exposed floor manufacturer Jiangsu Ougang Changsheng

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