the selection principle
  • Solve the bubble of hand-mixed glue: Mix it evenly when mixing by hand. Mix the glue in one direction. The bubble introduced by this method is the least. After the two-component glue is fully stirred, the sampleexterior wall tiles patterns for floor is scraped with a scraper. Flat thin, extruded bubbles. Sealing glass glue products use regular manufacturers with higher production technology level, otherwise it may cause sealant products to be wrapped in bubbles before leaving the factory, resulting in hardwood flooring direct the phenomenon of air bubbles in the construction of insulating glass glue.

    Hollow glass adhesive can cause bubbles in improper drum changing, so we need to adopt a standard barrel change method, such as: open the exhaust valve afterPlastic Coving Outdoors barrel change, so that all the gas in the pressure plate is exhausted, and there is a small amount of glue from the exhaust port. When it overflows, close the exhaust valve and turn it on. After the construction, the glass glue is exposed to generate bubbles, so it is best to allow the glue to cure for a period of time. The surface is crusted and has a certain resistance to sunlight. In this case, the glass glue is less Wood Flooring Prices in Philippines likely to generate air bubbles.

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