sawn timber gross
  • hundred and nineteen thousand seven hundred stere, 26.31% what occupy sawn timber gross, the United States, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia is six hundred and twenty-six thousand two feet high iron fence eight hundred stere, five hundred and ninety-two thousand one hundred stere, five hundred and fifty-one thousand seven hundred stere, four hundred and eighty-nine thousand four hundred stere respectively, occupy sawn timber gross respectively

    11.62% , 10.97% , 10.23% with 9.07% . 68.20% what the sawn timber that from above main source country imports occupies sawn timber gross. 3, plywood imports and exports Afterwards recycled plastic wood boards deck courtyard 2001 our country first the posture that plywood exit is more than an entrance, entrance of our country plywood dropped continuously 2002, exit amplitude continues to increase. Annual imports six hundred and thirty-six thousand one

    hundred stere, drop 2.35% ; Export one million seven hundred and ninety-two thousand nine hundred stere, amplitude 85.70% . Export volume exceeds an entrance to measure one how to figure composite deck sqaure foot million one hundred and fifty-six thousand eight hundred stere. Although main plywood imports origin country and export trade object to did not produce change, but on the rank that is in country of export trade object or area, the United

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