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  • is new inside inferior, the accord that gets attending the meeting representing reputably. Is Japanese building used answer does plywood demand increase: quickly? disadvantages of dovetail Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Japanese building is used answer plywood demand increases quickly Issue date: 2002-6-22 origin: According to abroad media coverage, although economy is long-term and fatigued and weak

    depressed, but 10 years the building used Japan in the past answer plywood market is annual however all increase by degrees in order to exceed the rate of 10 % , the market year warped composite boards finland demand predicts to will achieve 3 million stere very quickly. Answer the making respect that
    plywood goes to be used in the product such as furniture mostly in Japan, but rise from 90 time metaphase, as a result of the progress of

    processing technique,wooden pergolas with wooden floor answer plywood structure intensity promotes considerably, because this Japan is ligneous,the structural part such as bridge column of the residence is used answer the situation of plywood is general with each passing day, initiated a building to use answer the new market of plywood. Industry of Japanese compositive lumber organizes published statistical mexico wpc decking in new zealand material to show, 1991, japanese building

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