year of the corresponding
  • corresponding period 11.51% , sell timber 2793112 stere, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 12.05% , stock falls compared to the same period 7.78% . window edge seal Rate of lumber produce and sale appears to rise situation steadily, rate of produce and sale rises 4.2 percent, obtain level sex result, achieve province seat of government basically to offer " decisive battle the 3rd quarter, the four seasons

    spends sprint, with outstanding achievement,wood plastic composite exporter receive the 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China to hold. (2) look from the area, complete province produces material ground city and directly under unit 9 times in all 10, with the corresponding period was compared last year, have double growth of 6 lumber can be nailed basement flooring produce and sale among them, a production increases, the sale keeps balance, 3 produce and sale

    all are filled. And 3 advocate produce a division 2 produce and sale double add, a production increases, the sale keeps balance. City is made the same score south situation of economical long lasting decking material 2017 produce and sale of lumber of head nine month is auspicious this year, than last year the corresponding period all has increase considerably, produce and sale increases respectively 20.41% with 21.4% . (3) look from economic

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