Brand building is the support point
  • leading position in the domestic market,synthetic boat decking it can also gradually enter the international market, and actively cooperate with other companies, strong alliances, companies continue to internationalized and diversified development, trying to control the industrial chain, in the global distribution,[url=]repurpose fence wood for roof[/url] the formation of large international companies. In short, a strong brand can promote the continuous development of enterprises, improve product

    reputation, drive the growth of sales of corporate products, and increase consumer loyalty. If a flooring company wants to develop and wants to make a hundred-year enterprise,waterproof composite lumber for walkway it must implement brand building. Brand building is the support point for the company's long-term development.[url=]malaysia wood manufacturer[/url] Diversify the development of terminal channels 1. Traditional channels: Enterprises First Generation Consumers 2. Direct sales: Enterprises

    Salespersons or group purchase networks Consumers 3,attaching lattice to existing fence Supermarket chains: Enterprises Building materials supermarkets Consumers In the three modes, the management costs will increase, channel prices may not be uniform, but risk sharing is relatively common. The comprehensive advantages are obvious.[url=]pictures of wooden outside railings[/url] 4, flat channel: business distributors consumers 5, flagship stores: companies flagship stores consumers 6, branches: companies

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