Parquet maintenance methods
  • Floor wax, floor waxing conservation is the most essential natural floor wax. Floor wax on the market there are many types of products, the general two kinds of floor wax, a liquid wax, cheap, simple, fast, the shortcomings of poor wear resistance short cycle; the other is the solid wax, it must Use a professional high-speed waxing machine polishing. Its advantage is to make the wax layer evenly, the floor brightness, high wear resistance, long life cycle.

    Floor oil, floor oil has become the new darling of floor maintenance, floor oil is generally made of resin and natural trees Finn refined deployment, a deep moisture, to prevent cracking, repair the effect of fine cracks. Relative to the floor wax, floor oil hardness and brightness higher, but there is easy to make the floor fog phenomenon. Currently there is no standard floor oil market standards, there are many poor quality products, but after use may lead to deformation of the floor water absorption.

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