square meter of deck
  • floor production capacity and the increase in demand for raw materials, the current shortage of timber resources in China has three new factors: First, several pulp mills built in China consume large amounts of logs; At present, the use of wood veneers in food and gift packaging materials has aggravated the shortage of wood. Thirdly, pvc laminate plastic in kenya some forest areas have been eager for quick success and benefit from deforestation. Even quick forests have not been connected. A person familiar with the situation revealed that some substrate manufacturers

    have already reduced production lines due to lack of raw materials, and Guangxi Sanwei, the largest manufacturer of man-made boards in China, even stopped production. The shortage of raw materials caused its price to rise, which in turn affected downstream industries. The first reaction was from substrate manufacturers.solstice composite decking In addition to Daya and Kyrgyzstan, Jiangsu Danyang, Shandong Chenming��s gains were even stronger, and the wholesale price of 8mm man-made board products rose. About 10 yuan / Zhang, 12mm

    wood-based panels rose about 12 yuan / Zhang. Substrate price increase is the most direct impact on the strengthening of the floor, the floor ��water up�� is inevitable. Substantial increase in the price of substrate control behind the scenes Natural forest resources are increasingly in short supply is an indisputable fact,composite decking northern va raw material prices are also reasonable. There are domestic companies 'to let go of the wind': the substrate prices will continue to rise. 'This is not a normal phenomenon. It is very likely that some companies that are linked

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