floor production capacity
  • companies. Some of them are descending from Ming Sheng and playing tricks to attract consumers. Some use this price increase to advertise environmental quality. According to a survey by the reporter, in the past one or two months, many brands have raised their prices in different degrees. Yuan Yide, general manager of Beijing Ruijia Flooring Co., cleaning tongue and groove pvc decking Ltd. told reporters that the actual selling price of Ruijia floor per square meter rose by an average of 6-9 yuan. 'It is really unable to withstand the cost pressure and has to make appropriate

    adjustments.' Hongnai floor marketing director Zhang Yan revealed that Hongnai Floor raised the overall price by 5% at the beginning of the year. Now facing unprecedented cost pressures, Hongnai will once again raise the price by 5%-10%. According to a survey conducted by the reporter, the prices of brands such as St. singapore wpc decking dealer Vincent and Rhine Sunshine have been floating up to varying degrees. There are also flooring vendors in the building materials market who say that the price of their agency brands is going up. The price of raw

    materials for man-made fiberboard has soared since the second half of this year. The average price per cubic meter in the past month has risen from 2,200 yuan to 2,600 yuan, and the price increase rate has reached 20%. . Although the heads of relevant industry associations stated that this data is slightly higher than the actual price, small outside decks stairs design most companies believe that the data is more realistic. The fundamental reason is that the timber resources are extremely scarce. According to Li Wei, president of Hongnai Flooring, in addition to the increase in

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