packed chipboard last
  • elements make the bad news dosage that packed chipboard last year gives now to drop, drop according to statistic extent is 4.5 % , carton chipboard drops 1.5 % . composite 2x4 railing Face demand slack, manufacturer of the European area paperboard that pack rises with needing a system of fixed quotas for grain production to be picked up afresh stop a magic weapon of gear factory reduction of output, the average production that makes these

    two kinds pack chipboard moving rate drops from the 96 % 2000 the 92 % 2001, in the meantime, all breed in two kinds of chipboard produced cost to drop somewhat 2001, fiberglass tile roof panels the price also is in the raw material that this report gives these chipboard to drop ceaselessly. These are manufacturers people the advantage that can gain profit in adversity. Date from history, mixed to 1993 1992 1996 two during, the market of

    these two kinds of chipboard that pack once sufferred the pain of demand cut down, in two afore-mentioned period, these paperboard manufacturers because of price pvc fencing price fall profit gets very big loss. Although compared with two afore-mentioned period, the market situation that each manufacturer faced European area last year is more stagnant, but carton chipboard price keeps stable however, and box chipboard price

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