leaders of floor manufacturers
  • how difficult is the living condition of the flooring company?premier laminate flooring singapore Gao Zhihua gave such a shocking figure: Only 20% of Chinese flooring companies are profitable. Is this true? Shu Lixin, chairman of the book, said that the specific data is difficult to understand, but it is certain that after 2008,[url=http://caviking.org/decking/1186-how-to-make-outdoor-curved-bench-seating.html]how to make outdoor curved bench seating[/url] “everyone’s days are not very good”. Chairman Lu Weiguang of Anxin Floor expressed his agreement with this statement: “This figure is very close to

    the objective facts,outdoor floor trusses newcastle and we do see that there are a lot of companies that have closed down in the past two years, and they are still in the business of maintaining and maintaining operations. Only 20% of the profits are not surprising. At the same time, even for these 20% of companies,[url=http://gulfcoastdaylily.org/cheap-flooring/10242.html]wood grain plastic fence panels 2ft high[/url] profitability is very limited - look at the statements of listed companies will be able to know." Lu Weiguang believes that the floor industry exists Severe over-

    marketing, while bringing partial benefits to consumers,evaluation of green building material does not add blood to the company, which is tantamount to killing chickens and eggs, and eventually losing its own ability to survive. According to Gao Zhihua, this data shows the strongest "disobedience". It is David Wei,[url=http://penthousepets.org/outdoor-flooring/19552-busy-beaver-wooden-fence.html]busy beaver wooden fence[/url] Chairman of the board floor. He believes that "China's floor companies will never lose more than 10% of their true losses."Solid Wood and Reinforced Dominant

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