Polyester POY is awash by producers to the texturising units
  • Polyester Yarn is abundantly acclimated in shirtings and suitings, sarees, ladies’ dress material, and knitwear. It is adopted in men’s abrade due to its academy bulge recovery, contraction resistance, bigger drape, best assimilation of prints and colours, and bigger abrade as compared with aggressive fibres, such as PSF, VSF and NFY.

    The use of POY / PFY in sarees has more due to the development of crimping, twisting, texturising and wet processing technologies. These technologies action more adaptability in designs and patterns. Moreover, these technologies advice access the air permeability of these yarns. As a result, the bolt would be able to blot more moisture.

    It is aswell acclimated in applications, such as bendable baggage and specialty fabrics. POY is awash by producers to the texturising units. The texturising units action it and advertise it to weavers (largely in the powerloom sector). Unlike PSF, PFY is not attenuated with admiration by attenuated yarn producers, back it is in the screw analysis and not in the screw form. However, in the powerloom stage, PFY can be adulterated with more yarns.

    POY / PFY is a acting for admiration and more constructed yarns. POY / PFY has a aggregate of advantages over its substitutes.


    Normal Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) needs to be necessarily texturised afore getting acclimated for authoritative bolt admitting FDY, as the name of the yarn itself indicates, is fatigued absolutely during the action of spinning itself and accordingly does abroad with the claim of texturising and can use anon for authoritative fabric.

    FDY is about acclimated for bigger superior fabric. As the action of texturising is avoided, FDY yields academy addition as compared to the Polyester POY .

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