new wood floor
  • Relevant departments are also taking relevant measures to regulate the market and guide the public consumption.We have reason to believe that the days of "green myth"become real are not far away. With the popularization of solid wood floor, more and more families begin to use wood flooring.

    Wood flooring is different from other floors, use a period of time to renovate maintenance, generally according to the frequent use of the degree, 5 years must be renovated.A lot of wood floors in the Ling xiu Silicon Valley schools have been used for years, and they look very bad, and many people want to tear down the floor and change the floor again.Well, it wasn't a wise decision.

    Because the wood floor is just surface, wood is still good wood, especially after years of use, the wood floor has become very stable.The new wood floor is not as good as the old floor in this respect, the renovation is only grinding off the surface of 1 to 2mm.

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