the majority of the participants
  • the Summit Organizing Committee invited China's top ten marketing planners, brand manager Mr. Li Guangduo, made on the "brand strategy and marketing innovation" lectures, Put forward the "plug" principle, the brand marketing rules of differentiation, combined with his many years of marketing the actual brand marketing case analysis,

    so many delegates on behalf of the apprentice, praised the case praised. Brand concept to enhance the work Whirlpool headquarters has been the focus of work and difficulties, please Mr. Li Guangduo brand, it shows that Whirlpool in this regard the degree of attention and determination. In addition to the 2007 advertising,

    promotional planning, terminal construction and other aspects of a deeper lecture, in the majority of the participants in the strong ring. The conference also presented five 18 awards, award-winning delegates and speeches to the dealer units and individuals who had made outstanding contributions in the past 2006.

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