material wireworm hits
  • Suffer the pine tree that loose material wireworm hits, often make individual plant sere death, final decay. Regard Chongqing as the person, li Shunhua pays close attention to home town to accuse to deal with to the canal of disease of loose material wireworm very much circumstance. 2015, li Shunhua understands wood of epidemic outdoor balcony tiles philippines disease of a loose material to deal with new technology: The epidemic disease wood that contracts disease of loose material wireworm undertakes roast processing below condition of 80 ℃ high temperature hind, can use at furniture of production, treatment.

    The use of this technology can reduce Mu Fen of loose material epidemic disease to burn brought financial capacity to use up, resource is wasteful, return at the same time can get married outdoor porch tongue and groove fir flooring production of timber of loose material epidemic disease, treatment, "Have social value already, have economic benefits again " .

    Last year, li Shunhua introduces this item boundary stone of Ba Na area to press down, invest 5 million yuan with person partnership, established wood of epidemic disease of Chongqinghorizontal slats under deck Cheng Yuan deals with limited company, deal with technically wood of loose material epidemic disease, year deal with ability 100 thousand stere.

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